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Brad Morris, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Brad Morris

Brad Morris

Brad spent 35 years as a Finance Manager working for many corporations, including Intel, The Gap, Honeywell, and Stanford Medical Center.  Prodomentially as a cost accountant and financial systems expert.  Additionally, he has completed Taxes preparation services for the past 10 years.

In 2017 he changed from corporate accounting to being an insurance broker.  He has provided insurance for healthcare, homes, businesses, and even aircraft.  Brad has been working with Mesa Medical Insurance Agency since 2018 and has specializes in property/casualty insurance including business/commercial insurance for healthcare providers.  Brad is also a medical malpractice specialist and securing medical professional liability insurance for physicians, clinics, health care facilities & allied healthcare providers.

Brad Morris is the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer for Mesa Medical Insurance Agency.

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